Chain Sprockets And Spline Shafts



We make all kind of  Sprockets like Simplex, Duplex, Triplex etc and Non Standard profile Sprockets also.


Diameter Capacity -- Ø 50 to Ø 2000 mm

Pitch Capacity       -- "1/4 to 3" Pitch


Simplex Sprockets
Duplex Sprockets
Triplex Sprockets




Spline Shafts 


We can make all kinds of Spline Shafts such as Worm Spline Shaft, Gear Spline Shaft, Plain Spline Shaft.


Diameter Capacity --  Ø 25 to Ø 250 mm

Length                       --  Upto 1500 mm

No of Splines           --  1 to 24  and above also.


We are specialised in Spline Grinding also with 10 microms accuracy.


Spline Shaft
Spline Shaft
Spline Shaft